LASW ADTi - Interpeneurship Story for the Automobile Market in Portugal

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LASW-Adti, history

The brand LASW-ADTI results from the experience of more than 30 years of activity in the market for automotive parts and accessories, recognized by the professionals involved as a brand of prestige, quality and reliability, and innovative design.

LASW-ADTI is the ultimate entrepreneurial initiative of its creator Lino Silva who started his career in 1972 in the Aeronautical market, importing and marketing light aircrafts for companies spread all over Portugal and the Aero clubs for instruction and training of new pilots.

Changes in the Portuguese political and social-economic context in the mid 70s, led Lino Silva to invest in a new activity, now importing parts and engines for cars. That was developed during several years under the insignia of LAS-PEÇAS. However, Lino's personal vocation was not greatly directed to this area and, in the early 80s, his passion for accessories for "car customization" led him to create LAS-SPORT, with exclusive representation in Portugal for the most prestigious brands of accessories worldwide, some of which are currently providing exclusive brands of top range cars.

LAS-SPORT scored strong presence at exhibitions and events of great renown as the Lisbon International Automobile Salon in FIL and the IAA Barcelona, in the 90s with very positive impact on exports.

In 2009, and already on the way to 4 decades of an entrepreneurial career, Lino Silva raises once again the challenge and the ambition to offer the market products of superior quality and prestige by creating a new brand LASW-ADTI Light Alloy Sport Wheels-Advanced Design and Technology Industries, the first Portuguese brand for alloy wheels selling already two product lines completely conceived and designed in Portugal.

The brand LASW-ADTI will continue to be distinguish by the quality of its products and research on innovation and "design". This is our promise to all sports fans and car customization.